GM:Cards have arrived!

GM:Cards Boost set NFTs are available now for blending. These NFTs boost the holder’s GM mining rewards when using the #gmfrens tag on Threads!

Visit the Official GM:FRENS collection page on NeftyBlocks to start blending today.

50% of blend revenue is being burned, so get to blending. The first burn of 64,886 GM has already taken place on 1/31/2023.

Visit the GM:FRENS blog for more info.

Learn how to Blend your NFTs & boost your GM mining rewards.!

Have a GM

Welcome to


GM token is something that is very special to me, as I have wanted to create a social token for a very long time. When the launch of Threads alpha on LeoFinance, I knew it was time. I immediately knew how I was going to get the token into circulation..

@l337m45732 | Founder – GM:FRENS

The first ever cross-blockchain social NFT project Built on Threads

How do I get GM?

You can mine GM once every day by creating a Thread & using the #gmfrens tag on LeoFinance.

How to mine

Simply by using LeoThreads.

  1. Signup with to get a Hive account or use LeoThreads with an existing Hive account.
  2. Update your WAX address on your GM:FRENS profile by logging in with Keychain or by adding your WAX address in your Hive profile so we can manually update it.
  3. Use the #gmfrens tag in a LeoThread.

Can I trade GM?

GM is available for buying and selling on the Alcor Exchange

Alcor is a WAX DEX (decentralized exchange) and all tokens traded are for WAX.

To get WAX from Hive, you can use Tribaldex to buy SWAP.WAX and send it to your WAX wallet to be traded for GM using Alcor.

GM Roadmap

Initial token distribution | Completed
Threads Bot | Live
NFT Miners | GM:MiniMiner Live
NFT Blending | Live for GM:MiniMiner NFTs
It’s a secret
Tag @gmfrens with your suggestions on LeoThreads

Token Burns?

Because why not?

  • Every non-eligible use of the tag is burned at the same rate it would be mined if the user was registered. One use of the #gmfrens tag with no registered WAX wallet = 6.9 GM burned.